Teaching the correct cost valuation. At MeC we believe that just  a knowledge of the dynamics governing  a cost can bring benefits not only to the company but to the whole community. We have always been motivated in our work by a vision that goes beyond the simple production of an object. First of all, analyzing a cost means using the available resources intelligently without wasting them. It means optimizing raw materials, energy, time and equipment. A vision that is acquired by leaving the simple financial evaluation to enter a profoundly technical one. It is for this reason that MeC experts carry out teaching activities at Politecnico di Torino for professionalizing degree courses in Manufacturing Industry. This kind of activity materializes in the course of economics and business organization where the evaluation process is explained with concrete exercises. Cost benchmarking, that is the comparison between different products of the same type, is placed at the bottom of consideration that students are called to make regarding costs, technical solutions and perceived quality. A training ground  that allows to understand the productive and industrial dynamics that derive from every single choice. A real training mission that MeC also carries out in ITS Mechatronics with specific attention to the evaluation of different products and artifacts.


MeC’s training activity is addressed to companies. The difficulty in finding qualified personnel is a serious problem that must be faced mutually between professional structures, companies and trade associations. Providing the basis for a correct cost assessment is now more necessary than ever for companies of all sizes. It is therefore no coincidence that MeC is involved both at the training level and at the associative level, in a path that wants to solve this cultural short circuit.

The commitment in Confapi is aimed towards the enhancing  of productive and professional fabric which is able to find additional resources to renew itself,, thanks to training in the culture of cost analysis both in terms of production and in terms of efficiency and market opportunities.