Cost modelling is one of the most important skills used during buying and selling activities and enables you to understand what determines a certain cost.

Cost modelling can be used to achieve different purposes, depending on what it is useful to focus on.

For example, a very detailed cost model can help us to determine which is the best among different suppliers producing the same product.

An internal production model can help us to choose the right selling price for our products, and consequentially to increase our competitiveness and decreasing the risk of losing bids and tenders.


MeC guarantees its customers reliable and accurate cost estimates thanks to custom-made models in line with the requirements of the manufacturing process. In fact, new customized Databases or Cost Sheets are created in line with the particular indications of each client.

The cost analysis based on the individual company reality obviously includes calculation tools, whether they are Excel sheets or specific software. MeC is able to design IT tools that allow you to have full control of costs in every operational phase in order to eliminate diseconomies and increase business efficiency to stay on the market. The ability to carry out a tailored cost modeling is one of the fundamental added values ​​of MeC. A value that arises from the fortnightly experience in cost analysis and from the transversal experience in completely different sectors.