Achieving an excellent financial performance is the goal of all profit-oriented projects: sticking to the budget is essential to reach this scope.

In order to stick to the budget, it is necessary to adequately control expenses by using a cost tracking process during all the different phases of the project.

MeC has a team of expert cost analysts available to be transferred to the client’s locations to assist with or manage the monitoring of the product cost during the entire development process.

From the early stages of the project, the pre-established budget is splitted according to an expense curve and the impact of each project variation is carefully assessed by keeping the entire life cycle of the project under control and facilitating the management’s decision making process through custom-made reports.

Monitoring is also applied to the cost of all versions and sub-components of the product, tracing the impact of the project on the NPV in real time.

This control is closely linked to cost reduction activities and opportunities for simplification, as well as being an important part of building a database for future projects with a view to re-use the lessons learned.


MeC is able to provide valuable information in every productive phase, from the conception of an idea to the final version. It goes even further by evaluating, for example, the disposal cost or the reuse cost . These are fundamental variables for dealing with both productive and financial choices. In these phases, the MeC specialists are able to dialogue with all the players in the production process thanks to their strong specializations. The knowledge of the different techniques, technologies and production sectors is essential to control any cost drift. Collecting the requests of the various participants  and knowing how to quantify them, allows to make targeted choices at any time both from a technical and a financial point of view.