Cost Benchmarking is necessary for companies that want to evaluate new opportunities for improving their products or processes through internal comparisons or with competitors.

With the aid of our team of experts, each client will receive the best proposals for alternative technical solutions aimed at improving the product, reducing production costs, and re-implementing processes.

Cost benchmarking can target different goals based on what you want to compare.

Our company specializes in particular in Internal Benchmarking and Competitive Benchmarking, depending on whether the Client chooses to compare their company internally or with an external competitor.


The required type of comparison involves different choices from many points of view. The analysis of rival products or internal analysis allows growth both in terms of quality and opportunities. In fact, understanding that qualitative improvements can be gained by using different materials or procedures is fundamental for a company development. The shift towards materials with low environmental impact is, for example, a great opportunity which, however, must be carefully evaluated in terms of costs and production processes. A correct engineering approach, far from the “sensations” of the moment, allows to have concrete answers in order to make logical choices.

Cost Benchmarking Analysis: our methodology

The methodology used in the MeC cost benchmarking analysis involves 7 steps:


First, the MeC team manages and organizes workshops dedicated to the benchmarking process, in order to quickly share preliminary cost assessments and ideas for value optimization.

Then, identifying the perceived quality helps to better guide the activities with a view on finding defects to remedy them in the new planning phases and on maintaining the perceived quality in the value optimization phase.

For this phase, MeC uses the Net Promoter Score (NPS) method, which transforms a subjective opinion expressed with a number from 1 to 10 in a heterogeneous sample of people into objective data. 

As the first action phase of the benchmarking process, disassembly or teardown, is carried out following a precise flow, planned in line with the final goal that the client wants to achieve.

Parallel to disassembly, a meticulous and methodical cataloguing system is launched, which takes into account the inevitable need to compare the company’s individual item or system with the one of the competitor. 

All components are then reviewed by our most experienced analysts for the Cost analysis.

Once the costing is complete, the focus is on how to come up with new ideas to improve methodologies and reduce timescales.

In fact, comparing two or more products makes it possible to identify which is the best solution and what needs to be changed.

Cost Benchmarking Goals

The goal is to identify new, functional and optimized technical solutions, starting from the design stage to the entire production process analysis (design-to-cost, processing, assembly, transportation, manufacturing cycle…)

Our cost benchmarking concept aim to offer the client a solution which gives them immediate access to all the information on the product in an organized and methodical way. 

A complete or divisible experience in every phase (disassembly, cataloguing, cost analysis, generation of new ideas, etc.) according to the client’s needs.

All this is in any case achieved by exploiting a methodology that is the result of the experience gained in the field, through procedures and tools tested at some of the leading companies worldwide.