The goal of cost reduction is to achieve a real and permanent reduction in the unit cost of the product, in order to enable profits to grow without affecting functionality or quality.  With the help of the MeC experts, each client will be able to take advantage of different strategies to pursue their cost reduction goals, such as:

  • Value analysis
  • Reverse Costing
  • Cost Driver Analysis
  • Product Benchmarking
  • Competitor Benchmarking
  • Design to Cost


Paying close attention to costs is of great importance, in particular because consumers are increasingly interested in value for money more than brand loyalty and therefore keeping the cost low is the key to staying competitive.


During the delicate phase of cost reduction, MeC aims for a  dialogue between all the interested parties. Cost is in fact an aggregator of business functions. Cost is an  item made up of fractions that depend on different elements in a constant relationship. The involvement of each voice entails, in turn, the involvement of productive and management functions that must communicate with each other. The dialogue aims at the best possible balance in a complex and dynamic situation. MeC is able to understand where there is room for improvements and, above all, to quantify them. This is done for every single operation or element that makes up the product.