Privacy Policy



DATA CONTROLLER, pursuant to art. 4 and 24 of the EU Reg. 2016/679 is Mec srl, with a registered office in Turin, Via Terni 2, in the person of its legal representative. The contact details of the Data Controller are: tel. +39 011 0370100 email: You can always contact the Data Controller for any information regarding the processing of your personal data by the company.

Categories of personal data and source: pursuant to art. 14 GDPR it is specified that your personal data, such as identification data and all data included in the curriculum vitae, as well as possibly particular categories of data (such as belonging to a protected category), may have been provided by external selection bodies and staff collection.

Purpose of data processingLegal BasisData retention period

– formalization of the application;


– selection of personnel, stipulation of any

employment contract, conduct of training

courses and internships;


– any request for references by contacting

third parties, such as universities,

former employers, schools etc.

Art. 6 c. 1 lett. b) GDPR


12 months max

The personal data provided will be communicated to recipients, who will process the data as managers (Article 28 of the GDPR), as natural persons acting under the authority of the Data Controller and the Manager (Article 29 of the GDPR) or autonomous Data Controllers, for the purposes listed above. Specifically, the data will be communicated to: – Company of the Mec Group; Any customer companies of the Mec Group (e.g. FCA Group) – Any third parties and labor consultants for the purpose of selecting personnel, in the context of assistance and consultancy relationships; – Any third parties for the purpose of obtaining references (eg universities, former employers, schools, etc.); – competent authorities for the fulfillment of legal obligations and / or provisions of public bodies, upon request. The list of Data Processors is constantly updated and available at the Data Controller’s registered office.



Your personal data may be disclosed outside the European Union to companies of the Mec Group (Mec Us Inc) for the selection purposes specified above. Should it be necessary to transfer your data to third countries outside the EU, this will take place in compliance with the limits and conditions set out in Articles. 44 and ss. of the 2016/679 EU Regulation. In this case, the interested party can obtain a copy of the conditions underlying the transfer by contacting the Personnel Office.


The provision of data processed for the purposes specified above is necessary in order to proceed with the evaluation of your application. Failure to provide them will make it impossible to process the data for the purposes of personnel research and selection.


You can assert your rights as expressed in articles 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22 of EU Regulation 2016/679, by contacting the Data Controller